Where’s Fauci? ‘Witness protection’ joke leads to internet conspiracy

Is Dr. Anthony Fauci in the observer security program?

Not even Florida lead representative Ron DeSantis was not kidding when he kidded about the designer of the US’s Covid reaction being given another personality.

In any case, the joke has prompted wild exposure and reality checking to disperse the feeling that Dr. Fauci, when an ideal time apparatus, has been rearranged aside to redirect consideration from politically disliked Covid lockdowns and commands.

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“Contemplate what they’ve done, Fauci is in the observer security program now, they don’t need him out there,” Mr. DeSantis said at a question and answer session on 2 March.

“Assuming you pay attention to them, they never upheld this multitude of strategies that were so disastrous, presently it’s like, ‘we as a whole need to be like Florida’, out of nowhere, and nothing has changed, there’s been no adjustment of the hidden science.”

A “Missing Person Alert” posted on the Facebook page of The Steve Gruber Show gave his latest whereabouts: “Dr. Anthony Fauci was most recently seen a little while prior ‘following the science’ and has not been heard from since.”


Indeed, even Jim Jordan got in on the activity, asking on Twitter, “where’s Fauci?”

“Abnormal how he vanished with perfect timing for the State of the Union!” the Ohio Republican and Trump supporter composed.

Facebook hailed posts as falsehoods. However, in the event that it wasn’t self-evident, the Poynter Institute-subsidized PolitiFact stepped in to expose the cases that Dr. Fauci has disappeared as “bogus”.

Their timetable of appearance from 15 February to 6 March had Dr. Fauci talking on MSNBC, cited in a Reuters interview, on camera during PBS NewsHour, a nearby 85 South Comedy Show, Gray Television, and a Florida NBC News associate. He likewise talked at two White House press briefings and was cited in a Telegraph anecdote about tuberculosis in Ukraine.

The NIH didn’t answer when asked to straightforwardly affirm whether Dr. Fauci is or alternately isn’t in the observer security program.

A representative for the office highlighted one more exposure from the Annenberg Public Policy Center-financed FactCheck.org.

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Named “Fauci Continues Making Public Appearances and Hasn’t ‘Vanished’,” the reality check reasons that he has, to be sure, been less apparent.

“He’s been showing up as of late, however, as Russia’s conflict in Ukraine has overwhelmed a significant part of the news and COVID-19 case counts have fallen,” they composed.

“He’s actually out there exhorting general society about medical problems and the pandemic, regardless of whether other world occasions – like the conflict in Ukraine – have been getting a greater portion of information inclusion.”

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