‘Weakness, Incompetence, And Mismanagement’- GOP Senator Laces Into Biden

GOP Senator Laces Into Biden on Senate floor during a hearing today, Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) slammed President Biden over Afghanistan. He described Joe Biden’s presidency as full of  Weakness, Incompetence, and Mismanagement. Below is the direct transcription of his Senate Speech on the house floor;

“Last week America marked veterans day, I was in Wyoming and started veterans day the way I do every year which is in Douglas Wyoming Converse County at the American Legion. We raise the flag at 7 am kicked off a day of Veterans Day ceremonies all around Wyoming.

“We visit with that discount no everybody creates continuity here is it since Joe Biden who took office foundation has become weaker Weaker and the world has become more dangerous and our nation is now less safe It August drove by and oversaw tragic and failed withdrawal from Afghanistan because of President’s weakness incompetence and mismanagement the.

Taliban took over Afghanistan in just a matter of days just before the withdrawal, the terrorist killed 13 of our troops. It was the deadliest day for our military in a decade. And one of that fallen heroes was rivaling McCullum of Wyoming, all of Wyoming felt the terrible loss of this 20-year-old Marine. He was a statewide high school wrestling champ.

On August 30th Biden Administration left hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines despite the fact that the President said he wouldn’t leave anyone behind, this administration has admitted to the Arms Services Committee that more than 400 Americans are still behind enemy lines.

“Joe Biden’s Afghanistan surrender is a national disgrace, consequences are being felt all around the world our friends are furious and support embolden. Last month, we saw a hypersonic missile being tested, North Korea showed last month that they can launch ballistic missiles from submarines, Iran will soon have much much more cash than they did when President Biden took office.”

“You say how could that be? Well, one reason for the influx of cash is the rising price of oil and weak enforcement of the sanctions that we have against Iran easier for them to sell and more profitable to do so with a divided administration trying to negotiate with Iran from a position of weakness”.

Since Afghanistan fell China has aggressively flown dozens of military planes over Taiwan’s air defense zones, the Pentagon and the Middle East recently admitted that China now has the largest Navy in the world. China plans to build more than a hundred new ships over the next eight years. China is also building about 300 missile silos the plans to have 1,000 nuclear missiles in the next eight years. And just recently tested a hypersonic weapon capable of use around the world.

These are pressing challenge matters, Present Challenges like we haven’t seen since the Cold War. This administration has been caught flat-footed at the White House given her incompetence, depending on complete mismanagement at the state department a global weakness.

No one has been fired, No one has been held accountable over the withdrawal from Afghanistan, No one has resigned. There has been no accountability, it’s astonishing but the President must still believe in his statement where he said it was an extraordinary success he may be the only one in America who believes that.


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  1. Biden and his administration Abandoned USA soldiers/Americans in a hostile atmosphere , resulting in the Slaughtered of 13 USA soldiers is TREASON/CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.


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