United States of America Congress woman Alexandria Ocasio-cortez(AOC) is the epitome of anti-American rhetoric and wants the Constitution destroyed. AOC and the “squad“ consisting of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib should have no place in any government office what so ever.

Looking at what happened in New York and Amazon, where over 25000 Americans lost their jobs because of her actions is a pointer that she should be fired a long time ago.

America don’t need someone in a seat of power that will throw away jobs and economical growth for states. We the patriotic Citizens of this great country need to stand up as a one and say enough is enough. Let’s sign the petition below and make sure she pays for her crimes.

The U.S Congress woman is obviously a socialist liberal who hates the United States of America with passion. She is a terrorist inciting hate! Let’s come together and help impeach or Fire her! She is trying to destroy our American Constitution. She even disrespected a sitting president of the United States. The earlier she leaves office the better for the whole country.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her compatriot Ilhan Omar have demonstrated they hate America over time, they have never done anything that benefits the citizens of the country, all they know is to attack a working president. They are puppets for Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.

Ocasio-cortez threatened a US Citizen ONLY because he was critical of her. We, the People MUST hold our elected officials accountable. If she believes she can investigate those that are critical of her, imagine what she will do when she takes office again. She is a disgrace to her constituent her state and the country as a whole.

Let’s make sure Alexandria Ocasio-cortez resign and get indicted for her crimes and negligence and abuse of power . The safety and security of the country is better and more important than a single lady.



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  1. You could off won anyways but so much delay I hardly understand why I’m voting. I vote for Gods sake and the people, the scum, for 4 years, for someone that nows, Is a total insult and you vant do anything about. Im so upset.

    1. Why is she still there she hates Everything about the USA
      She is destroying it from the inside and you people let her in

  2. I think we are being deceived by letting these clones debate whether we get our money or not these clones should be locked up like the real ones

      1. Theres evidence, u just have to look in the right place and know what to look for. Remember, the DemonRats have the national socialist Hollywood at its disposal. Example: look at Bribems earlobes in pictures 15 to20 years ago, He had detached earlobes. Now all of a sudden his earlobes are attached? Lets hear science explain this one. Let me guess, its the plandemics fault and it mutated him. Really wouldnt surprise me if they actually went with that.

        1. You’ be Always Been Right – Our Best President Ever!! So Many Doubles, Masks gone bad, Cgi’s bad to Not To Mention They Ran Out Of Blood. Execution Style- The Constitution Way!!!!

        2. Todos los que estén involucrados en pedofilia son demonios y revisar al de la luz del mundo porque el que lo delató fue pensé el traidor fin a la brujería ya los satanicos

  3. AOC and the rest of the squad should be kicked out of the country. IIlan was just accused of another criminal act but no one ever arrests her. So whats the use of complaining. Nothing gets done. Im wondering if Durhams probe will put any away. I doubt it.

  4. For sure this nut case. Ocasio Cortez should be removed a long time ago along with a bunch of other ones including the governor here in Oregon these Democrats have lost their mind they all need to be locked up not just lose their chair and then we end up paying them the rest of their lives Pelosi Clinton’s did locking people up it’s ridiculous it’s an embarrassment that they have not been locked up shut down that Clinton Foundation get after them all need to fix this voting by mail in Oregon is BS

  5. If you’re going to hold AOC accountable for whatever reason you deem plausible, then you should apply the same reasoning to all the corrupt and treasonous members of the Senate, Congress, Executive, and the Judicial. Just because you don’t like her, you don’t get to single her out you racist ahole!

  6. who actually believes that Pelosi, Schummer, Clinton etc are CLONES and the real persons are dead

  7. now that she’s been in Congress She has enough money to buy a ticket to Venezuela…and live out her dream life

  8. Reply to LuisT:
    Just because someone doesn’t like a person doesn’t make them a racist. What kind if logic is that? People like you are why this country is doomed. You throw around the word racist and it loses its meaning. Look up the word in the dictionary before you use it in a sentence like that.
    Also, we DO want to hold ALL anti-American government ppl accountable. This just happens to be a petition for AOC, one of the most anti-American, nastiest, vile congressperson there is. Probably tied with Pelosi, Maxine Waters (example of racist right there), and a good majority of the so called Democratic Party. They are trying to turn the country into a Socialist country, and THAT is treasonous. That’s not what this country is supposed to be. And We The People will never ever let it happen. It has never in the history of the world, worked. Not even once. Millions have been killed because of Socialism. It’s dangerous. Ain’t happening.

  9. i want her out of the congress she got to be out of her mind about the victim who killed their son or daughter how you feel you are put us in danger that what you do if you put the Bible swear in you protect our country that mean you are nothing traitors that un-American and full of it AOC you never swear in back that job you have should not run congress in the first I hate traitors I love this country America come first not legal alien you are protected legal alien they are murders rapes drugs dealer you got to be kidding me you got no Brian at all you dumb idea

  10. The Senate leftist are planning global takeover with borrowed relief moneytopurchaseblues gas stock andbidens wordsimnotgoingamericafirstexeeption makinguspaythebill higher taxessmall
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  11. As an American- Puerto Rican, AOC isn’t Helping Americans, Not To Mention How She Has Deceived The Puerto Ricans Here In The US., Also In Puerto Rico As Well. I’m Sure Her Dad Would Be Disappointed. Gitmo Awaits You AOC, With The Rest Of Your Squad, And Demonrats

  12. All of them are entertainers with the same script. The Congress was formulating a bill in January of the SE year COVID 19 was released upon the World. Trump even said “what makes a great movie. …always twists and new turns…” it’s all just Entertainment and the sitting back on the couch with popcorn is encouraged. But there’s people hurting and suffering and innocent people and children being killed causing emotional stress, however people on that level only care about their own personal harm. Very selfish telling you they care about you and your children. They are worse than the old “B” class movies. Saddest part is the
    Military is in on it all: pathetic !

  13. How did someone as smart as a box of rocks get voted into congress ! Makes me think that election was stolen also

  14. As an American- Puerto Rican, I Stand With My Fellow Americans, And Absolutely Agree To Hold AOC Accountable For Her Treasons Act Against America, And Against Our Puerto Rican Heritage. AOC’S Father Would Not Be Happy With Her. AOC- You Sold Us OUT. Gitmo Awaits You.

  15. I have signed every petition that has been put out here to remove the trash from our government. I have never seen any of the petitions actually do anything or heard anything about any petition I signed. Some of them were signed by at least 500,000 people. What good does it do to sign these things if they never are put in front of the senate. Do any of these petitions actually do what they are intended to do. Just asking

    1. I agree. AOC is a fascist antisemite. Kick her out ! Put her and “the 3” on a transport plane to a cartel runway in Venezuela drop the rear door while doing a “touch and go” exercise, and roll her stupid derriere out , along with her fascist buddies.

  16. This THING i will not call a women because that would be a shame on all other women is nothing but a loud and very Stupid thing. Makes me wonder about the people that put her in office If they are of the same mind set then for sure New York is headed down the toilet so grab her apron strings and see how long you can hold your breath before getting a mouth full of shit. Because that is whet you you coted in to speak for you

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