Rand Paul: Fauci sees himself as a ‘Greek logician’ whose ‘lies are respectable falsehoods’

White House boss clinical counselor Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to see himself as a “Greek logician” who tells “respectable lies” to help the general population, Sen. Rand Paul, told “The Ingraham Angle” Friday.

“He’s not letting you know this since he’s a mean man,” Paul told Laura Ingraham. “He’s letting you know this since he feels frustrated about you since you don’t have any idea and Americans aren’t savvy to the point of going with informed choices.”

The clearest illustration of this, Paul added, is Fauci’s assertion in the early months of the pandemic that Americans shouldn’t wear covers since they would never really stop the spread of the infection.


“Later on, he said everything covers take care of business,” the congressperson expressed, “however that is obviously false likewise on the grounds that truly just the N95 veils work. It is a gathering of untruths, yet they’re completely done to safeguard you since he doesn’t think you are adequately brilliant to settle on any of these choices all alone.”

While examining the viability of lockdowns and other Covid limitations, Paul said he trusted the issue would be contemplated “in an objective way.”

“You can consecutively take a gander at the date when each command was passed and when it got tightened up. You can take a gander at the frequency of the sickness, and what you find is they were corresponding, meaning the more orders we got, the more infection we got.

“The orders didn’t cause the illness yet there is no proof the command dialed back the sickness by any stretch of the imagination,” said Paul.

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