Rand Paul: COVID declaration that makes no scientific sense deserves ‘massive blacklist

Sen. Rand Paul, joined “America Reports” Wednesday to respond to another review from Johns Hopkins University that closed COVID lockdowns caused more damage than great since they neglected to diminish mortality and were “pulverizing” the economy.

RAND PAUL: Let’s expect we gain from our mix-ups. In the fourteenth 100 years, the pope encircle himself with candles since they figured the contamination could be worn out of the air to save individuals. It was an off-base given idea. It required years and years – truly to the nineteenth 100 years – to get the microorganism hypothesis. Presently we have lockdowns that are not situated in science, and truly we realize that all-around veils didn’t work, Plexiglas didn’t work, and six feet of distance didn’t work.

The one thing we in all actuality do realize that takes care of business is antibodies and regular invulnerability. Those attempted to safeguard individuals from hospitalization and passing and furthermore sluggish a portion of the spread. Along these lines, we ought to underline what works. It was a genuine insult for Dr. Fauci to say fabric veils take care of business since then you have an 80-year-old dealing with their mate with COVID and wearing a material cover that has no worth at all, and that is a misstep. He made individuals take part in exercises they wouldn’t have ordinarily by letting them know it was protected when it wasn’t. I want to believe that we gain from this. The review is a broad investigation taking a gander at handfuls and many examinations, uniting them, and said lockdowns didn’t decrease mortality but were annihilating the economy.

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  1. You get them Mr. Paul all of the deep state whackos need to go. They all deserve gitmo. Then send all the illegals back over the border, us tax paying citizens can’t afford to support them. While your at it send all the dumb ass people that voted for the present clown in office with them since they seem to want to live in a third world country with a dictater


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