Pompeo criticizes Biden for not considering every American

Pompeo criticizes Biden for not considering every American. Previous Secretary of State Mike Pompeo scrutinized President Biden Friday for not considering “each American” while picking a Supreme Court candidate and on second thought of satisfying a mission guarantee to select the principal Black lady to serve on the country’s high court. “I lament that he … Read more

How Democratic Presidents Clinton, Obama and Biden caused the crisis in Ukraine

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, U.S. leaders of both major ideological groups have had their reasonable portion of mishaps, disappointments, and through and through calamities in international strategy. In any case, scarcely any, have been very just about as obvious as Democrats’ misusing of the circumstance in Ukraine. Following quite a … Read more

Biden’s foreign affairs approval falls to 40%

President Biden’s international concerns endorsement rating among American grown-ups has plunged to an extraordinary failure, a new Gallup survey shows. As Biden’s second year in office walks forward, a Gallup survey out this week puts him far underneath water in the space of international strategy, with just 40% of Americans supporting his work. The president’s … Read more

Biden’s failed policies enabled Russian invasion of Ukraine

GOP House pioneers on Tuesday reprimanded President Biden over Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine, contending that the president’s bombed arrangements have encouraged Vladimir Putin to make more forceful moves. The assertion from House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and others came a day after Russian soldiers moved into rebel-held regions in eastern Ukraine after Putin said he … Read more

Stefanik asks Twitter to report Biden

Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., requested that Twitter name a past President Biden tweet about his durability on Russian President Vladimir Putin as “disinformation” in the midst of the raising Russia-Ukraine emergency. Stefanik, the seat of the House GOP gathering, derided a past tweet from Biden two years prior where then, at that point applicant Biden … Read more

Biden’s incompetence invited Russian aggression, Republicans say

Legislative Republicans are accusing what they say is President Biden’s shortcoming on the world stage for welcoming Russian hostility in Ukraine. A few GOP officials burnt Biden over his international strategy, with Rep. Lisa McClain of Michigan let Fox know on Tuesday that the president’s international standing is “amazingly feeble.” “President Biden is unquestionably frail … Read more

Europe on the ‘verge of battle’ because of ‘carelessness of Joe Biden

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said President Biden’s “carefreeness” is to be faulted for why Europe is “nearly war.” “Sadly, Europe is very nearly warred in view of the shortcoming, the carelessness of Joe Biden,” Cruz says. Cruz said Biden’s “give up and unfortunate retreat from Afghanistan is the most awful military disaster for the United … Read more

Biden, Democrats will have ‘come-to-Jesus’

Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., said he accepts President Biden and the Democrats will have a “come-to-Jesus” second on expansion on Election Day this November. Banks, who is the chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), found Fox News Digital in a Thursday telephone interview, in which he impacted Biden’s always moving way of talking on … Read more


Following quite a while of bullying Manchin for not supporting the Democrats’ social spending bundle, different Democrats are present, at last, getting Manchin together with their own inflationary worries. “We have arrangements and we will zero in like a laser on diminishing expenses,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. “You will see a ton … Read more

Texas sues Biden admin

Texas has sued the Biden organization over its government cover command on planes and in air terminals. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) command was unlawfully given. It was not approved by Congress, and the CDC didn’t put the order up for notice and remark, which is commonly expected for guidelines like this,” … Read more