“No Chance Trump will be Impeached at Senate” – Mitch McConnell

President Trump may have been impeached by Nancy Pelosi and the House after an impeachment vote was cast but without President Trump being impeached at the Senate, he gets to retain his Office as POTUS.

Trump’s Impeachment trial is currently ongoing after articles of impeachment were sent to the Senate for further actions.

Foxnews guest Mitch McConnell, a Senate Majority leader boldly declared President Trump Would not be Impeached from office and that there was just no chance. We all know how it’s gonna end, there is just no chance President Trump is going to be impeached.” It wouldn’t surprise me if we got one or two Democrats to vote No”.

Speaking on Foxnews Rep. James Comer condemned the postponing of the impeachment vote by Jerry Nadler, calling it a sham as House Democrats already know they have lost and cannot seem to pin any wrongdoing on the President.

“It’s typical of the whole process, the whole process is a sham, the way Democrats have conducted themselves you can see in their faces that they realized that they have lost the opportunity to prove any kind of wrongdoing.”

“They wanted him impeached from day one as they realized none of their Democrats candidates can beat Donald Trump in the elections come November, so this was their last ditched effort to try to prove that they are trying to defend liberalism and embrace Socialism and try to beat Donald Trump.”

Rep. James Comer also said that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to try to bend a few arms before she can get her desired votes.

5 thoughts on ““No Chance Trump will be Impeached at Senate” – Mitch McConnell”

  1. We ain’t buying the bullshit that you demons/ and your fake news media outlets are pushing! We ain’t even listening to anything that you clowns have to say/ even if you slip up and say the right thing ! You democrats think that you own it all/ even us citizens.But let me tell you sons of bitches some good shit ! You dont own a motherfucking thing on this planet !/ you think that your in control/ because you control alot of the currency that you and the rest of puke have been stealing from our country for centuries and you’ve gotten away with your thievery for decades that you and your vomit can do to us,and this country whatever the hell you want ! I’m going to remind you of something / God created you/ you did not create him/ but this is the way you act/ like you are untouchable !/ well your reign is coming to an end very very soon ! And your already feeling its effect!/ THERE IS ONLY ONE REASON WHY YOU ACCOMPLISHED ANYTHING THAT YOU DID HERE ON THIS PLANET/ WHETHER GOOD OR BAD/ IS BECAUSE GOD ALLOWED IT ! HE WATCHED YOU CLOSELY IN ALL OF YOUR NEFARIOUS SHIT.AND HE GAVE YOU SPECIFIC ORDERS NOT TO HARM HIS CHILDREN/ AND YOU HAVE BEEN DOING IT SINCE HE WARNED YOU ! NOW IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO WITNESS GOD’S WRATH FOR ALL OF THE CRIMES YOU HAVE COMMITTED AGAINST GOD’S CHILDREN/ AND THERE IS NOTHING/ AND I DO MEAN NOTHING CAN STOP WHATS COMING FOR YOU ! AND I KNOW YOUR NOT SURE WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN/ MANY OF YOU ARE EVEN COUNTING ON OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT TO BE IMPEACHED HOPING THAT HIM BEING IMPEACHED WILL SAVE YOUR HIDE/ BUT THERE IS NO PLACE THAT YOU CAN HIDE FROM GOD!/ HE’S FURIOUS WITH YOU HARD HEADED DEMONRATS ! AND SHILL REPUBLICANS ! WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN TRUMP TEAM COMES OUT/ THEY’LL DESTROY THE DEMOCRATS NARRATIVES/ AND THIS WHOLEENTIRE SHAM ! WE’VE ALREADY TOLD THEM WE WOULD LET BOLTON TESTIFY/ IF THEY GIVE US HUNTER/ SCHUMER SHOT THAT DOWN A.S.A.P. ! THEY ARE AFRAID TO LET ANYONE THAT TRUMP WANT TO TESTIFY/ TO TESTIFY ! THEY CAN HAVE WHOEVER THEY WANT/ BITCH ASS SCHUMER/ SHOT THAT OFFER DOWN !/ AS MUCH AS THESE CLOWNS BEEN CRYING BOLTON NEEDS TO TESTIFY/ ALL OF THE SUDDEN THE NEED ISN’T SO GREAT ANYMORE/EVERYTHING THAT THESE DEMOCRATS DO IS TELEGRAPHIC ! AND THEIR VERY ! VERY ! STUPID !

  2. Adam shift, Nancy Pelosi, Nadler and anyone else involved in this sham impeachmen need to be forcefully removed from office. They’ve done nothing for the country and they are a big waist of tax payer money.

    • Yes they are all crooked from
      the Obamas to the Clintons to
      The Bidens to pelosi and schiff
      Nadler and main stream media
      they have been lying to us for years now I think it’s about time they all stepped down the swamp creatures do not want the swamp to be drained

  3. I’m with ya on that comment. Those people have been against this nation’s choice of president day one. They are treasonous and absolutely need to step down or be removed by force if necessary.


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