Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in disarray, after being rejected the chance to run unopposed in the primaries by her beloved Democrat Party. Happening for the first time in her 33-year congressional career, Speaker Pelosi will be challenged by a fellow Democrat for her San Francisco seat in a general election, who calls her insufficiently progressive.

In a press release by Townhall: Pelosi’s opponent, Shahid Buttar, is a left-wing activist, lawyer, DJ and poet. Buttar finished second in the primary and represents Pelosi’s first general election challenger from within the Democratic Party in 30 years.

According to Buttar, Pelosi stands in the way of progressive-agenda items like Defunding the Police, canceling rent, the Green New Deal, and Medicare for All, to name a few. Buttar has already earned the coveted endorsement of Hollywood idiot Susan Sarandon.

The far-left tweets in support of Pelosi’s challenger show just how crazy the Democratic Party has become. They’re not attacking her for letting her district become a homeless shelter, ignoring the coronavirus while dragging the nation through a futile impeachment hoax, or eating gourmet ice cream while the lockdowns forced millions out of work. They’re attacking Pelosi for not being a socialist.

Buttar has been frustrated in trying to get Pelosi’s attention and went so far Saturday as to hold a debate with an empty chair. An online petition, “Tell Nancy Pelosi: Stop Dodging Debates,” had attracted 6,200 supporters by Monday.

Nancy Pelosi’s lack of interest to debate Buttar is nothing personal. Over her long career, she has declined to debate Republicans and independents, too.

But finally, it seems she will have to face her running opposition in a debate, as she is out of option in trying wiggle her way out of this dilemma. What’s your take on this, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW AND BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO WATCHDOG FOR MORE NANCY PELOSI UPDATES.


  1. She’s committed crimes against Humanity. She has committed Treason and should be brought in front of the highest military court in the Land. She took an oat of office which she betrayed. Her and all her cohorts. These people do not care for the American people or our Country. They are unfit for office. Trump 2020

    • Unfit she is ! She’s been offered many ways to work with Republicans in the stimulus ,and has refused everything while the American people suffer.Many cannot feed and support their families. 1200.00 dollars isn’t alot but would still help many.

  2. I would love to see Nancy Pelosi end up frozen for all time in one of her $24,000.00 refrigerators next to her expensive ice cream. She’s a bigot loving to show off her elite status while the rest of us hard working Americans go without jobs and our families going hungry. What has she ever done in all her years in Congress for the people she’s supposed to represent. She only represents herself by making millions off of our hard earned tax dollars.

  3. Anybody that votes for a Democrat needs to be committed in doing a sane Asylum for the straitjacket the padded room and if they have a really nice psychiatrist maybe he’ll put little faces on the paddock walled butt I think they should hang her high and leave her as an example for all of the other dim-witted Democrats

  4. I think she should be arrested and put in solitary cofiment she she completely list her mind. Then she should carry a hangman noise for a mile as Americans beat her sling the way then her noose should be attached to a spring fed noose where she bounced for 5 minutes as the noose got tighter every time she bounced til she eventually hung. She’s a low life and needs stripped of all her belongings and live on the streets. She don’t deserve to be in the white house at all. They spread hatred and are funding BLM and Antefa.


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