HIP-HOP Rapper Nicki Minaj dropped hints earlier via her social media page that she would not be attending the 2021 Met Gala in New York City and ever since she has confirmed that she was not in attendance because the Met Gala was requiring attendees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and she was not comfortable getting the vaccine, the conversation surrounding the “Seeing Green” rapper has gotten insane press, to say the least.

Nicki Minaj revealed fellow rapper Drake’s vaccine status and that the Certified Lover Boy crooner had previously gotten COVID despite being vaccinated, told a story of her cousin’s friend and his allegedly swollen testicles (which led to impotence) that both Anthony Fauci and the Trinidadian government denied. She was subsequently co-signed by right-wingers Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson, took to IG Live to say she had been banned from Twitter, a claim the platform later denied.

In what has become one of the most bizarre stories to sprout from Twitter, protesters have taken to the streets with chants of “Fauci lied to me,” and “Down with the CDC.” Yelling that Minaj was telling the truth about the COVID-19 vaccine and that Fauci and the CDC were trying to feed them different information, these mask-wearing protestors swarmed in front of the CDC headquarters in Atlanta.

Whether or not Nicki acknowledges these protests is obviously yet to be seen but in seeing the backlash and absolute madness that has resulted from her recent social media outbursts, it will be more than interesting to see what happens if she does.

On Wednesday, a video of a group of anti-vaccine protestors outside the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offices went viral. The group chanted “down with the CDC, Fauci lies to me” after a masked man yelled into a megaphone that “Nicki Minaj said she’s not going to take your vaccine.”

The clip was viewed a quarter of million times on Twitter and was picked up by news outlets — local Atlanta affiliate CBS 46 described the crowd as “Nicki Minaj fans” and Newsweek said they were “inspired” by the singer.

Dr. Neetu Abad, a CDC Scientist said fans shouldn’t take medical advice from celebrities and they should rely on their doctor’s recommendations. She also said celebrities like Nicki who have more than 22 million followers on social media have a responsibility to the public.

“Throughout this pandemic, we have urged platforms small and big to take care what they are conveying around COVID-19 vaccines because we know that can be impactful around people’s behavior.”

Minaj also told her followers on Twitter they could do research and get vaccinated only if their livelihood depends on it. She also said she will be getting vaccinated only because she has to go on tour.


  1. Dr Fauci
    You Anna I know that this is all about money . You can hide from man but you can’t run And hide from God If one person’s death is caused by this so called jab the blood of the person God will see in your hands . Remember when Cain killed Abel God asked can where is you brother Can Saia in not my brother keeper but guess what his blood cried out to God so well each Anna every person you face set to get rid of


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