Trouble looms for Jerry Nadler as a petition to remove him from Congress has gone viral and so far gathered up to thirty thousand signatures. The petition started by Gregory Leath reads:

“We the American people with respect for congress, sign this petition to Impeach Jerry Nadler, he continues to show his hatred for President Donald J. Trump, which he has had for at least 10 years before Trump became President.”

“This is personal hatred which consumes him, prevents Congress from doing the Jobs we the American people elected them to do, he has changed congress rules to fit his personal agenda against President Trump,” he said.

“Congress works for we the people, not the other way around, there can be NO PERSONAL agendas by any elected official. In Closing we The American People Stand with President Donald J. Trump and insist on the impeachment of Jerry Nadler for using our Congress for his personal hate-filled agenda against our duly elected President !” he added.

On the heels of Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issuing a directive mandating masks in Congress, with threats of arrest for anyone who is not a lawmaker, footage emerged of New York Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler reading the newspaper without one.

The video, posted by Montana Republican Rep. Matt Rosendale, shows Nadler without a mask flipping through his daily reading. “Looks like mask mandates and threats of arrests don’t apply to senior Democrats. #hypocrisy,” Rosendale tweeted.

The rule enacted by Pelosi reads; “Therefore, effective immediately, to promote the good health and well-being of our employees, all USCP personnel must wear a mask at all times when in interior spaces throughout the Capitol Grounds,” the document states.

It also says the policy should be enforced for all “staff and visitors.” “Any person who fails to either comply or leave the premises after being asked to do so would be subject to an arrest for unlawful entry.”

“Although this applies to Members of Congress, officers should not arrest any Member for failure to wear a mask or to comply with the mask mandate. Any Member who fails to comply with a request to wear a mask should be reported to the House Sergeant at Arms’ office,” the document prescribes.”

“If a staffer, who is accompanying a Member, refuses to wear a mask, that refusal should be noted and reported to a supervisor who will, in turn, refer the matter to the House Sergeant at Arms.”



  1. It seems ALL members are using their positions to enrich their lives, pelosi, Schumer, schiff, waters, the squad, nadler, etc. We need to clean out the house and congress, start over, give lie detector tests before their considered for any political office.

      • Nadler allowed Gaulle evidence enter I yo tbe impeachment orocess,process, altered email, and dep. Justice Fuda Report. Obama at the end if the presidency days “good luck with that.,” Have we list pur minds. TERMLIMIT. COM. GET YBE OETITION DIGN IFF aAmeruca, Reform o ur schools, stop t b e legalization if Marijuna. Tje latter is about making slaves. Remive Bad l er. Who saus “old has no c place here.,” tjis us why America us no longer a strong nation and we are eat I ng out of tbe Tsl7babs hands

  2. I don’t know why anyone responds to these patitions. I don’t know of any patition against Any Democrat that has actually happened. We know they are All krooks who protect themselves by having the majority in congress. As long as Pelosi is in charge they will Never charge any Democrat for anything. Just look at Traitor Joe Biden, he should have been removed his 1st week in office, with numerous critical errors and he is COMPLETLY unaware of what he is doing yet he is still in the WH.

  3. Nadler and many others should have been REMOVED, IMPEACHED, GITMO. A long time ago for all …. there treasonous acts from past to now. Let’s Stop Talking and DO IT!!!

    USA needs to be cleaned up with people who love the RED WHITE AND BLUE

    • You are dreaming if you think anyone will be removed from office. The radical democrats are in charge and there will be no stopping them now. They know how to rig elections now so each one will be a squeaker but they will miraculously pull it out each and every time. The cowards in Georgia blew the 2020 senatorial election so we’ll live with democrat majorities from now on.

  4. We have American terrorists the democratsare absolutely crazy and need to beall in jail forceingscrewed up laws on us like dictators like they are kings and we are their peasants when is this going to stop we n÷d a law that if a politician starts doing what they are doing to destroy our countryour justice systemwide remove them immediately and charge them with treason and physically from our house and serve justice on them immediately.

  5. Get rid of many in our Congress who continue to destroy everything our Nation has been founded on ! Nothing but destruction since Biden is President.

  6. they should have been gpne a long time ago but had no president that had the guts are b-ll untill president Trump came in thats why they hate so there losing there gravy train [money] some people gets very i upset if they have to put in a good days work there setting on a gpld mine and they know how that why all are millionaires yeslei us get the leechersout thatś why we need no longer yerms than 4yrsmaybe they want get so corruptrd


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