Thousands of pissed off protesters gathered just outside congress to call for the removal of anti-semite Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.” They comprised of both Jews and Jewish supporters against antisemitism and hate. “Shame on you Terrorist!” Many protesters shouted at Ilhan Omar.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who lectured Americans on Independence Day, calling the US a Country built on Stolen Land and Slavery, while a couple of days before she celebrated Somalia’s own Independence Day, congratulating them on their accomplishments, a “country” she escaped from.

She can’t hide the fact she hates America. She is a parasite that seeks to destroy its host, she is very ungrateful to America and has no interest what so ever for this country that provided shield when she ran from her own country somalia.

Rashid Tlaib and illhan Omar ought to be given a one way ticket back home since they can’t stand America and hate it so much! Appreciate America dont Depreciate it!

As far as Alexandria, she must be sentenced to serve out the rest of her congressional term down at the border inside the family separation “cages” to breastfeed any migrant infants without their mothers because she voted against funds to solve the border crisis all the while virtue signaling with hatred and lies about the heroes of border patrol! Do not bear false witness against your neighbor please!

Ilhan Omar hates America and she has been making it clear from day one! She hasn’t stopped proving that, she does it all the time. She hates this country and the whites who founded her! She hate the entire culture of this country and I think, I’m 100% certain that this hatred stems from jealousy. She is so jealous of Americans. That is why she is always for the illegals sneaking because we owe the 3rd world everything! She is so filled with hate!

So Many protests are being setup so as to voice out the will of the America people. it’s time to tell that anti-semitic woman “enough is enough”, her hate for Jews and the American people is overwhelming she needs to go.

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    1. Ilhan Omar (or whatever her last name really is) must be stripped of her US Citizenship and sentenced to prison for all her Fraud and Bigomy charges and then DEPORTED BACK TO SOMALIA.

    1. I say send her back to Solmolia. They deal with their criminals harsher than we do. Most jails and prisons are like club-med. They get a roof over their heads, 3 meals a day and a place to sleep. Its better than living on the streets.

  1. All these things that the citizens want will never happen unless we make it happen. We can do that if we was to all come together with one mind and one goal. If we do that we must be willing to destroy anyone who is against that. Let’s get this together patriots. I’m ready.

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