FINALLY: Brave House Republican files petition to indict and remove Nancy Pelosi

Brave House GOP congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona has just filed a petition asking for the indictment and removal of Nancy Pelosi. Andy Biggs has been a hater of Nancy Pelosi since its inception, Nancy Pelosi’s lies have taken America backward and the whole country will be in big trouble.

The time for Nancy Pelosi to resign is now she is no longer capable of leading this country. It’s way past time for Nancy Pelosi to leave her office as Speaker of the House. Mr. Biggs said. He also called upon our leaders in Congress to put forward the Motion to Vacate the Chair that has been prepared and merely needs to be brought to the floor. Mr. Biggs continued.

Pelosi recently referred to members of Congress who support President Donald Trump as “domestic criminals.” Her level of morality is poor, who in her right senses will say such a thing?
It’s not a surprise to hear such words from her mouth, it has become normal for Democrats to use such words against anyone who supports president Trump. President Trump has become a huge problem the Democrats have to get rid of as they never expected trump to have this level of success

Mr. Biggs also said That the entire Democrats hates President Trump and every patriotic american who voted for him. In and of itself, it is a most despicable statement designed to divide the nation, but it shows a disregard for the institution itself.

Nor can we forget that she allowed an impeachment proceeding to go forward that was based solely on animus toward the president, and not on any allegation of the commission of a “high crime or misdemeanor.” The peg on which the left had hung their hat was “Russian collusion.” Mr. Biggs continued.

Mr. Biggs said that the speaker of the House’s recent escapade in a San Francisco hair salon conveys the air of elitism that has been the hallmark of her tenure as speaker. He continued that there are many in the media who defend the Speaker as simply one group of powerful elites protecting one of their own: the powerful, elite Speaker of the United States House of Representatives who has placed her personal needs before the country which she serves.

We can not deny the fact that speaker Nancy Pelosi believed that she was above the law for which she so stridently advocates. She has issued many ridiculous mask edicts in the House of Representatives and used her Democratic Party majority to expand her power to control members who on a normal day will side-line her.
Here is where the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi really lost her balance. She blamed everybody but herself.

Having been caught in the salon, she had the sensitivity to realize how bad it looked for her to grant herself permission to violate the law, so she began trying to defend her conduct with meaningless and baseless lies.

The earlier speaker Nancy Pelosi leaves office the better for the entire country. Enough is enough.


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    • The reason for Nancy pelosi’s obvious dysfunctionality is because she is a dry drunk alcoholic trying to be functional which clearly she is not She appears at times hungover. She loves to get super sloshed . Why are the people around here afraid to tell her what they know to be true ? She has to be removed .Biden is another one who is grossly incapacitated and Kamala Harris is really the one who is gonna be the President and she knows this ! A prosecutor is going to be the President ? UGH !

        • I pray that you are right , there is a lot more to this than one would think , if Biden gets in the world economy will crash bringing in a one world government, that is the agenda ! I do think TRUMP wins though and thats what starts world war 3 . As written in the book of REVELATION .

          • Nancy PaClinton the Washington DC democrats are evil demonic cold haters! If you ever want to know what their up too or have been up to all you have to do is wait…because evertime they are on Trumps ass accusing him, just know have done what their accusing him of. Just like the Russian Hoax, who was actually doing the dirty, it was clinton. The January 6th incident, who actually put that together…Nancy palosi, it’s been this way for 6 years and people are finally realizing what’s she’s or they have been up too, and their tired, aggravated sick of her ass constantly laying in on President Trump. Nancy palosi her self is very evil and I put nothing past her. If it involves President Trump in any way shape or form you can bet she’s going to do her damdest to screw that guy up. I hope for every single lie, manipulation, all the deception, the fraud and other rimes its just pathetic.

        • Get her out….We have the right to vote for whoever we want.. We are getting called names because of the demcons….President Trump won this election…The demcons are trying really hard to sweep it under the rug.. i believe she is the one who caused the mess at the Capitol on Jan 6th and blame Trump and his supporters…
          Ashley’s family has the right to know who shot her.
          She was an American patriot who served our country and voted for a President who represented America. They murdered her…Justice needs to be done…

          • I don’t like Nancy Pelossi. Yet this article fails to mention any good reason why she should be thrown out of her chair! Even better; the comment section is polluted with Republican lovers whom follow that base religiously.
            Again, this article leaves it to the reader why she should not be part of the political system, I can name acouple crimes she has committed but then again you would have to put most of the Republicans in jail for the same crimes that where conspier.
            Watchdog or applyinginfo has done no work on stating any facts except that the top %1 get special and favorable treatment such as getting your hair done in a salon in the middle of a covidd lockdown, by the way, that’s not an impeachable crime it’s best a misdemeanor and or only a citation.

      • She needs to be cuffed for treason and have her golden years spent rotting in jail! She never cared about us; everything was her way or the highway. “We the people” voted her in and “we the people” can definitely vote her out!

        • so far that has been the problem, those folks in SF just seem to love her and keep voting her crazy ass back in. And now she’s holding up the covid relief again cause she can’t get her way with it. She has no thoughts about what the citizens of this country is going through and she doesn’t care because it doesn’t benefit her. I totally agree vote her out plus a few others but I don’t see it happening.

          • Pelosi is way crazier ever since, Biden became our fake president. I think the people see her for what she is now, evil. Pelosi did the worst in the polls, a all time low, in this last poll. She set Trump up with the Capital, by defunding the security, on the 6th. Pelosi hired her own security, and that one security guard that is obviously her friend. shot the one Trump supporter, that wasn’t paid to be in the Capital building, she was standing right next to the BLM member that they pad to be there, and she got shot. They don’t want to do anything to the security guard who shot Babbot. It’s so sick and twisted. Babbot wasn’t carrying a weapon, she just wasn’t paid to be in the building. The BLM and Antifa were paid to be in the building for that day. They talked about going into the Capital building for weeks before they did, on Facebook, The owner of Facebook, is best friends with Pelosi, Biden and the gang, he would of told them what Antifa and BLM were planning.

        • Nancy Pelosi speaker of the house needs to be indicted for committing treason against our President Donald J. Trump when he was in office !! she is a traitor to Our Country and Us the American People, it’s time for justice and criminal charges against her.

      • Get Pelosi out.She is a disgrace
        To America.
        Instead of working on the stimulus she is going after our President again.

    • Who wrote this article.
      I agree with the sentiment, but it is horribly written. I am FAR from the grammer police , however IF we want our side to be taken seriously…

      Sorry I put this on YOUR comment – I saw no other place….

      • .Im from San Francisco and I cant stand the bitch. I know quite a few other San Franciscans who feel the same way. Perhaps it would be wise to realize that her election was most likely rigged too. Theres a ninety percent chance that it was;

    • Nancy has also admitted to going to church that was also locked down in her state , then her press secretary said, NO Nancy was lying about going to church, LET THAT SINK IN , SHE LIED ABOUT GOING TO CHURCH, GOD WILL HAVE HIS DAY ,THEY WILL ANSWER FOR THEIR SINS ! GOD BLESS AMERICA…..

    • Put this old ass cunt DOWN ! ! !
      Stream the executions’ of out countries traitors !

      and fuck this site for saying they are going to review what we say prior to posting !
      What kind of censoring is this shit?
      when i write a comment i want it posted, not after you think its ok to say .
      I HAVE BEEN CENCORED ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • She will probably be taken out in a pine box since she looks like she should already be in one. He mind is gone. Only what is left of it is senility and demons telling her what to think and say.

  1. Thank you Mr. Biggs for being of sound mind, and body
    Now, let’s see if Congress is willing to be of sound mind, and body – I’m not a gambler, but I would bet it all Congress is Not of sound mind and body !!
    So sad for our Country – my only hope now is for Christ Jesus to have mercy on America.

    • Amen, God doesn’t Condone what Nancy
      Is doing or none of the rest of the Biden Harris
      Administration, for one they Cheated the man
      Who God Chose to Lead our Country,
      And they have been thinking God didn’t see
      What they done, But God see’s All…..for Another
      They made the mistake to go Against Israel
      Gods apple of his eye.

  2. Hillary needs to go to jail if it was any one of the public , citizens of the US we would already be in jail, she needs to be under treason for her crap along a list of other Democrats, Nancy , schiff, naddler, a lot of FBI and CIA

    • Mr. Biggs, I sure hope ur serious, this woman is not of sound mind to be speaker. She cares more about power, than the very ppl she should be standing up for. She is a disgraceful, heartless person. Shes leaving the american ppl high and dry, ppl are getting evicted,bc she hates the american ppl, this country, and most of all, our President. She has the signs of a drunk, losing control of herself, not working with the president, bc she hates him. This country can’t handle another 4 yrs. of her bs. Shes supposed to be professional, and acts no where near as a professional. Ur supposed to be able to work with the president, which she refuses to do. Shes promoting hate in this country, and it promotes ppl, to hate our president. She must be replaced ASAP. SHE IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW, SHE IS BREAKING IT, and shes dividing americans against each other. We cannot deal with this power hungry mongrel. She is making it so hard for the american ppl, by rejecting every bill that is presented. PLEASE BE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS. WE’VE HEARD THIS B4. OMAR IS ANOTHER ONE
      SHE SHOULD BE IN JAIL, OR DEPORTED. BUT NOPE, SHE STILL WORKING. I GUESS THE COMMENT SHE MADE ABOUT 911 WASN’T TAKEN SERIOUSLY, not to mention all the other felonies shes committed, that is pitiful.

  3. Pelosi is the point of the spear for the new, Socialist, elitist, Democrat party. Removing her would blunt the spear. But, we need to destroy the spear, by removing as many Democrats from office as we possibly can.

  4. This place obviously has no proof readers. The number of misspelled words, grammar issues, and just plain bad English was horrifying. I gave up after 3 paragraphs. I was a math major but I could have done better than this for Christ’s sake!! “Passed time”, c’mon guys clean it up or give me your paycheck…

  5. Pelosi, Schiff, Billary( Hillary) among countless others need to be tried for Treason! I stand behind President Trump and so does the 14th Amendment!

    • Agree this whole administration should be tried for treason they are definitely Communist and going against the Constitution on everything they vote for knowing it will hurt every American this is done on purpose they want us to bow down they are grooming us to be a Socialist Country they hate Capitalism go against us and you will be chastised sadly enough some Democrats want Socialism free stuff they are being lied to nothing Is free there’s a a price to pay for it that’s giving up your freedom and let government control everything you do just look at Venezuela that’s what we will be soon vote these people out your choice.

    Dear President of the United States of America, Donald B. Trump:
    Pelosi burned me before Pelosi burned you.

    First of all, we are both thankful for your solid, unrelenting defense
    of the finest nation the world has known.  Now to the message: For
    35 years I ran a B&B referral service in St. Helena. The Napa Lodging
    and Jalapeño Company operated within our home, along with the help of
    a two line, Radio Shack phone next to the fish-tank. The early years
    focused on booking B&B rooms all the while working with appreciative
    home owners.  It was all done on a handshake. Later I branched into
    vacation estate rentals; different owners, different clients. Bumps in
    any business are realities, but there were few experiences like those
    Pelosi experiences. They stung deep and continuie festering. These events
    occurred in the mid 1990’s, and their bunco operation lives on in my
    and my husband (of 59 years) memories. We have a history with the
    Pelosi family and we can not overlook that history.

    My client at the time was Les Rudd, owner of the Dean and Deluca
    Market chain. Mr. Rudd sought a long term estate rental while opening
    a new outlet. I can’t say enough good regarding the gentleman. His wife
    Sue was cut from the same cloth and melded right in.  There was one daughter,
    Samantha, his life’s highpoint.  Housing prerequisites focused on his family’s
    safety and comfort in that order.  Moreover, he was not looking for grandeur
    so much as a sturdy, traditional farmhouse. After weeks of touring sites Mr.
    Rudd gave a nod to viewing up-scale homes.

    The Pelosi property off Napa’s Silverado Trail – although above the price range – fit
    his requirements. Mr. Rudd didn’t flinch.  Both of us noted housekeeping issues which
    Nancy and Paul ignored. Mr. Rudd soon saw to the problems personally. Again, nice guy.
    Curiously, neither Pelosi would meet with Mr. Rudd, and they were also foot-dragging.
    Eventually the contact was shuffled through James Warren & Son Reality, namely
    Jeffrey Warren (Earl Warren’s grandson). Interesting selection, because Jeffrey was not
    known as the most reliable resource of the 30 or so brokers on Main Street, St. Helena.
    (Jeffrey’s senior agent, two sales people and secretary had walked out. When he invited
    my business into his office, rent free. I declined.) Some would argue Jeffrey was not the
    best choice,

     I write this letter because Pelosi and Warren cobbled-up some slight-of-hand gimmick
    whereby, he (Warren) would manage the entire referral fee. This rental was poised to be my
    largest payday; about $5000 as I remember.  With eight youngsters, the commission was
    anticipated, to say the least.  The Pelosi/Warren scam gutted our agreement. Jeffrey mailed
    me a two or three hundred dollar check. Jeffery offered no explanation except that he gave
    his mother, $1000 “off the top”. End of conversation, period! Neither Pelosi would return calls
    or answer their mail. Our bills mounted – think domino effect. Mr. Rudd got wind of the swindle
    and sent me a $500 check.
    Imagine that!
    For the only time in my 35 year referral service career, I subpoenaed
    a client to Small Claims Court.  Because our youngest Luke Henry was
    home schooled we frequently took field trips; (the US Treasury in San
    Francisco, the Russian settlement at Fort Ross, KVON radio station,
    Sutter’s Fort in Sacramento…). Why not take our son to Small Claims
    Court to witness firsthand the American Jurisprudence System? It would
    also be my first meeting with the elusive Paul Pelosi. Once again, I
    wasn’t prepared. The pro-tem Judge was so enamored by his celebrity
    presence, and self-serving testimony that “his honor” swooned, awed,
    and surrendered all hope of my reclaiming one penny.  All that Luke
    Henry remembered of his visit to Napa’s Municipal Court was that “way
    expensive suit” and the “longest, and blackest BMW ever”.  Bummer
    field trip, that. There’s more:  Sometime later, our son – being an alter boy
    – was frequently called upon to serve Mass during Holy Matrimony. The Church
    called for Luke to help with a Saturday wedding. Low and behold it was the
    marriage of Nancy’s and Paul’s daughter. Servers are typically tipped  $5.  But
    on this occasion; yep, you guessed it – stiffed again.
    Ten years ago we moved away from St. Helena and have made a home in Silverton,
    OR (like St. Helena 45 years ago minus a Pelosi and a Warren). Today we get by in a
    28 year old house trailer.
    You will prevail, Mr. President.  
    Thanking you again. With Prayers and every good wish for our nation and your family, I am,
    Sherry Marie Wilmoth
    PO Box 675 Silverton, OR 97381

    PS, Mr. Les Rudd purchased and restored the fabulous Louis Martini Estate; the most
    secure residence I’ve seen. Samantha would be okay.

    • Bless your family! I am behind you 100000000% It is easier for them to HOUSE, FEED, non Americans like these “refugees” from Afghanistan coming in, then Americans. Those Afghans who for 20 years sucked us dry. Not to mention, have a religion which specifically does not allow them to MIX, nor INTEGRATE with Westerners, and non Muslims, until all of them have been converted into Islam. How many Muslims, unless they are manipulating, and marrying naive, dumb western women, do you know OUTSIDE of Work, will invite you into their homes, or for a cup of tea? They won’t even allow you to eat from their plates because they refer to Westerners as “Keffir” which in Arabic, means DISGUSTING. They wouldn’t fight for their own country, so don’t expect them to fight, or defend the USA. Many would never send their children into the American military, unless they are Black American Muslims who converted naively into the religion because they are MISEDUCATED in their own history!!! I know what they are because they massacred the INDIGENOUS Christians in the Middle East, and continue to slaughter them. Donald Trump was the only one to care for them. In fact, Kurds whom are neither Caucasian, nor Middle Eastern, are another tribe associated with Afghans. They are Asiatic, and Trump refused to assist them in anyway. Right now, we are letting in thousands, who Nancy Pelosi said, Is our “Duty” to help them get on their feet. Our duty? Really? For twenty years it has been our duty to try, and make them grow a brain, and we have to continue feeding them, housing them,etc…. You give Muslims a hand, they want your entire body. They are disgusting, and as long as they follow a backwards religion which allows women to be treated like Cattle, they will not change. The women CHOOSE to follow this religion,,so you cannot fight for rights they would be slaughtered for. They want them to come to the USA so they can go to the welfare department, and stay on AMERICA FOREVER. They don’t come here to help the USA, they come here to mooch. Only Middle Eastern American Christians have been famous for integrating. How many Muslims do you know (whom are NOT Black Americans) do you know, who come here loving, and fighting for the USA? None! They won’t sacrifice children for USA who assists Israel, and bombs the middle East. it’s common sense. They come here, and most have even done honor killings when their children become Westernized. So spare me the “womens rights” theory. How about the rights of the Americans? Our people are homeless, while we continue spoon feeding these barbaric savages? They live in the stone age. Even the Flintstones are more modern then these mooches. I know what they are because my entire mothers family was slaughtered by them. You are inviting the next American haters like Ilhan Omar, or Rashida Talib. Go look at what they have turned Europe into. Garbage. Every place they migrate and live in their communities they turn it into garbage. Most of these Afghans cannot read, write, spell their own names, most don’t even know their own birthdates. That is how primitive they are. They already have been speaking anti american stuff because of the withdrawl, and unless you feed them, and their 2 wives, with 4 kids each, you are deemed evil. As Trump said, they were PAID to help Americans. They weren’t doing it for free. They even expected the American military to fight. The cowards ran away, stepping over women, and children not even fighting for them so they could save themselves selfishly. How do you expect these savages, to live in the US with 3 wives back home. That is how they are. They leave the country to take money from America to feed their children. They breed worse then rabbits to grow their religion. Like I said, we don’t owe them ANYTHING. I say this, Trump said it too. He was being cautious, and put Americans first. Many of the pilots were shocked when they found out they were flying out any Afghan A****** and their mother out of the country. Most who could not work, and handicapped coming here to get on public AIDE. The pilots said, they were manipulating, and talking their way on those planes, and the idiots responsible for our security were allowing them on the planes. How do you explain the suicide bombers who just happened to get in? The pilots said, “only GOD knows how many terrorists we brought into our country.” This is NOT THE TIME TO BE COMPASSIONATE. We need to keep these people out. Them leaving their country is NOT the answer. That is not going to solve our problem, we are in fact, making it worse. Who do you think is going to pay for food, and housing for these mooches? We are. They are so dependent on American freebies its not even funny. We spent trillions in that country, and they still want more. These people don’t even care about you being nice to them. They just want to come here, and mix with other Muslims, and collect welfare, while complaining about the USA. Just like Ilhan Omar did. She was a “refugee” brought here by Caucasian Americans, and she hates both America, and Caucasians. She in fact blamed America, not Somalia for being treated like S*** back home. lol Europe only allowed a handful because 90% of the crimes occurring are because of black muslims from Africa, and especially, Afghan refugees. They are parasites. A Cancer. They need to be blown back into their caves, ALL MUSLIMS!!! Back to Saudi Arabia where they ALL belong!!! Not bring them into Europe, and America, and dig our own graves. Hell, you people will never know who they really are!! I can tell you HORROR stories that will give you nightmares about these Muslims forever. You do know that in Europe they have programs that help these people integrate? They don’t work.They expect you to change. NOT THEM!! Yeah you have the one in the million muslim who is cool, At the end of the day, he believes in the Quran which HATES YOU, AND CHRISTIANS!! ISIS, Taliban, at the end of the day, they believe in the Sharia LAW. All Muslims do. It states specifically that Westerners are “keffir” and Christians especially. They need to ALL BE CONVERTED. That is what they believe, You cannot rewrite the Quran, That is why, I don’t comprehend black Americans whom are mocked by Islam. Black Muslims from Africa know this, and still take any criticism Islam talks about them. Especially from Caucasian Middle Eastern people. So, at least now you know these Democrats are pure crap, and what they are planning on doing with our MONEY!! I would piss on anyone before paying a cent for any Muslim to come mooch here while my fellow Americans are homeless, and starving. Americans enough is enough!! We need to kick Muslims out!! They will NEVER be American, nor will they ever fight for you, unless, history has proven, the Muslims in our military have slaughtered our own people.

  7. The amount of blind hatred she has for our “DULY” ELECTED PRESIDENT has become her whole purpose in life
    Imagine. If she used a fraction of the energy that’s she has used to fumigate the White House and put that energy into her despicable San Fransisco …a once golden beautiful area.
    If you’re going to san fransico..
    Be sure to wear ..
    (Forget the flower in your hair.)
    Wear golashes on your feet
    For in the streets of san Francisco
    There is pee and poo most everywhere

    Thanks pelosi

  8. How are these people elected officials not being held accountable for there actions and lies? Now if it was a civilian doing these things we would be jailed. All of these people are getting away with major crimes that would and should be treated the same as anyone else not in a public office. That would mean jail time the lies have been proven. Nancy on national television tore up and document they she had no right to rip up that would be like tearing a ticket up in front of a judge. Where is the accountability for these actions? What is being done about news agencies that have been proven to be wrong and accuse innocent people of awful things like racism then getting sued and losing why isn’t those people responsible being asked to leave there jobs and no longer be allowed to report on anything. They encourage people to hate a president that must be doing a better job than most of us are aware of or they wouldn’t be trying to destroy the man as much as they are. The. Fact is Trump is fighting hard for the American people or all these elected officials who are and have been for years saying they are working hard for the American people. If it were true we should have a better government than we have ever had because the president is working for the people but being fought so hard by these same officials who say they are that it is amazing that he has gotten as much done as he has while being held back .roadblocked by them and undermined at every turn not given a fair shake by all news sources why? Because unlike other people who claim to be for the people he actually is and not trying to get rich off of back alley deal hiding behind lies to stay in office and get richer while the general public pays for there actions. Its deplorable that the actions of the so called officials for the people are showing such hatred to our elected president tried to sully him and his family and being praised by news sources that are supposed to just report news not invoke there opinions to create such hatred for one man that they won’t even give him credit for the good that he does do they would rather make up lies to hide the good he is doing and keep innocent people put in harms way to promote an organization the is showing the most hate and to put it in proper terms it has become home grown terrorism by these groups claiming they are just protesting but the destruction being done to to country monuments and parks personnel businesses loss of like by them holding cities hostage it has to stop honest law abiding citizens will only be threatened for so long then if the officials that have been elected to protect them don’t they leave us with no choice but to stop the violence ourselves by making citizens arrest and then hold them accountable for their dereliction of the duty they were elected to do not change the rules to accommodate the few that are infringing on the many. So to these career politicians do your job as we are expected to do ours if we were causing as many problems at work as you are we would be fired without question or hesitation and immediately justifiably and no unemployment or support for actions that are destructive or disruptive the a safe working environment. You have had time to correct your counter-productive work now fix it or you should be fired taken out of office and never allowed to hold a position of power without supervision ever again this has gone on long enough if you can prove one thing I said is wrong I will publicly apologize if you can’t then you owe us the apology. Signed very concerned American citizen.


  10. SHE NEEDS TO RESIGN!!! NOW!! HE NEEDS ALCOHOL REHAB!! INCOMPETENT, and a DISGRACE to the position she has as SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!! She can’t even put a complete sentence together. Her words are ALL OVER THE PLACE??/ INCOHERENT BUMBLING IDIOT, and a LUSH. Have some INTEGRITY Nancy, RESIGN NOW!!!

  11. In 64 years I have never seen such a mess. So many crooked politicians and lawyers. If we do not vote for the Republican party, this nation is doomed. Johnson stated that he would put people on welfare to have them voting democratic for 200 years. By people, he actually used the N word. He was just as bad as Pelosi and Clintons. Our FBI and Judicial system under Loretta Lynch was turned dark and upside down. No way can anyone have any re-spect for our judicial system after what they did. Our police and fire departments need our respect and support, not the abuse of the democratic demons in office today.

  12. Politicians should face tougher penalties since it is their laws that they are breaking. Everyone who is paid by the government to uphold the law or enforce the law should no the law there for they should have harsher penalties. Maybe then we can get rid of some of the corruption that is ruining our country.

    • Nancy Pelosi Needs to be discarded like Biohazardous waist and not ozzing around as she has been! Hilary Clinton should be buried under the prison, with the rest of the swamp trash locked in above her! With NO visitation rights to any of them then melt the keys – no food-no access- no liberties. They all planned on people dying throughout this ordeal give them exactly the same back : lockdowns, depression, take away their food, family, fun, and friends with No way out!!!!!

  13. Trump is the one that was chosen to clean up this corrupt government and he will..Nancy Pelosi and the rest will rue the day…time is up..start running Pelosi for the hills..your a disgrace to this Nation

  14. I think Nancy Pelosi should be removed from office simply because she does not do her job she is doing everything she can to corrupt Congress she is ineffective and absent most of the time she is doing her best to shut this country down please remove from office she is ineffective and wasting taxpayers money her and a whole lot of others are doing nothing but wasting money trying their best to destroy the country I do not know what is wrong with the American people why they can’t wake up and see what is wrong I am just a dumb hillbilly but I have enough common sense to see what’s going on please someone do something now we have to have Law and Order In order to survive help help help

  15. Pelosi is one of many of the DEMONRATS that need to be arrested not just removed from office just look at Killary and bill prime examples of corrupt individuals being taken out of office but they continue to break our laws I say our laws because it’s apparent that the same laws do not apply to certain elite POLITICIANS and others that further their agenda of destroying AMERICA and AMERICANS. PRESIDENT TRUMP scares the HELL out of these low lifes and they know full well that if he wins a second term most of them are going to be charged with all of their crimes and TREASON should be at the top and the punishment for TREASON is death PRESIDENT TRUMP needs to see this through and show the American public that there will not be a TWO ( 2 ) TIER JUSTICE SYSTEM any longer and that these politicians that believed they were untouchable are wrong.

    • You are absolutely correct. Pelosi, Clinton, shiff, shurmer, nailer, the whole bunch are guilty of treason and should be dealt with accordingly. Ever ask yourself how Nancy amased 400 million net wealth. Check on her husband’s occupation and his investment record. See how it correlate’s with legislation Nancy pushed through congress and you will have your answer.

  16. All the lies ,corruption are minor compared to what has been done against one of the Greatest POTUS to live under our heavens, so obviously with heavenly blessings. The highest Treasonous, Betrayal of the least deserving in our history.At a time when simply them doing nothing at all would have been a great help ,they chose to commit the worst they could do .Not only has she stood against our POTUS, she stands against all Americans in need of urgent funds while she laughs and cheers on those burning down American Dreams . She will answer to our loving God for this.For her taking her paychecks while doing nothing for the past 4yrs,that alone should place her in prison for the rest of her miserable life.

  17. I totally agree! God wouldn’t bring us this far in finally ridding ourselves of the satan worshipping evil demons to let Kamala be president. She is Hillary’s twin and all that Trump and Patriots whose genius planning to free the world from demonic enslavement would be undone!

  18. They have their comments and you have yours. Life is too short. Have you hug or say thanks to your loved ones/ parents recently? Create more loving memories while you can 😜

  19. Mrs. Impeach. “Peach loosie” take some good advice and take your retirement while you have that chance. It is not good for you ahead. Bail out. This business is not for you. Get some knee pads and take the knee. Don’t try to get up just stay down there. Go back to your home in SF, take your teeth out and eat ice cream. Time to enjoy your city in China Town and ” PARTY!” come on man , enjoy retirement!

  20. It’s time to defund Palose and her far left party . Time too remove her as speaker of the house she has done nothing but obscure the office of the house. Nancy Paloser it’s time for you too go.

  21. Get rid of her….take biden, aoc and harris as well! Make someone accountable for the mess America is in. The rest of the world is laughing at those idiots.


  23. Every body knows Pelosi will never be removed this will never happen it has been talked about since last year and nothing done. She is protected by the democrat owned DOJ so there is nothing we can do. Please prove me wrong!!!!!!!!!

  24. Y’all forgot she is also in charge of the capital police, we all saw the videos of people being escorted up and into the hill by her officers!!!! And throughout the building! The house has been sullied by her and the rest of them in the democrat party, let’s not forget those RINO’s too!!! Take them all to GITMO and charge them with the treasonous acts they have subjected this great nation to!!!! We the people are tired and mostly DONE with all of them!

  25. Impeach Nancy the Wicked WITCH of the WEST witb her
    NEPOTISM and CORRUPTION RUNS in the Democratic Parties?
    Family Affairs are Common for POWER and OUR MONEY???

  26. Speaker Pelosi has proven to be a corrupt criminal, she needs to be brought to justice. “God will not allow the guilty to go unpunished”.


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