Europe on the ‘verge of battle’ because of ‘carelessness of Joe Biden

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said President Biden’s “carefreeness” is to be faulted for why Europe is “nearly war.”

“Sadly, Europe is very nearly warred in view of the shortcoming, the carelessness of Joe Biden,” Cruz says.

Cruz said Biden’s “give up and unfortunate retreat from Afghanistan is the most awful military disaster for the United States in many years” and set up for Russia to attack Ukraine.

“At the time [of the withdrawal from Afghanistan], I said because of this amazing shortcoming, every one of our adversaries across the globe is looking to Washington. They are taking the proportion of the man in the Oval Office. Also subsequently, as I said back in August, the possibilities of Russia attacking Ukraine have recently risen ten times. The possibilities of China attacking Taiwan have quite recently risen ten times. We’re seeing the first of those two shoes dropping today as a result of Biden’s shortcoming,” he said.

Cruz proceeded with that in 2019, previous President Donald Trump endorsed into regulation Cruz wrote to authorize Russia’s Nord Stream 2, a pipeline that will run from Russia to Germany without getting through Ukraine.


“The explanation he’s structure the pipeline is that it skips Ukraine. It goes close to Ukraine. Why? Since the genuine protection that Ukraine had against attack is that Putin needs to accept his energy as gaseous petrol in pipelines that go through Ukraine. When he fabricates Nord Stream 2, he no longer needs to stress over those pipelines,” Cruz said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin quit building the pipeline after Trump marked the regulation, yet development picked back up four days after Biden was sworn into office, Cruz said.

“[Putin] realized what planned to occur … which was that Joe Biden officially deferred sanctions on Russia, on Putin, and gave the go-ahead to fabricate Nord Stream 2. For that reason, we have more than 100,000 soldiers and Russian tanks on the line of Ukraine getting ready to attack. That is the reason we’re about to start a major world conflict battle in Europe.”

During his meeting, Cruz additionally focused on the president and “racial separation” inside the Democratic Party in light of Biden saying he is focused on explicitly choosing a Black lady to the U.S. High Court to supplant resigning Justice Stephen Breyer.

“I think our nation has such a disturbing history on race. We should move past segregation in light of race. The manner in which Biden should do it is to say I will search for the best equity, interview many individuals, and on the off chance that you end up naming equity who was an African American lady, fantastic.”

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