Biden’s policies encouraged evil leaders of the world

During a meeting on “Fox and Friends Weekend” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, criticizes President Biden for his approaches, contending that they “encouraged” heads of the world like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela.

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY: … Not simply encouraged Russia, it’s encouraged every one of the wicked heads of the world, and it began on the very first moment; it’s his leader activities. Keep in mind, a strength of a country isn’t simply your military, it’s your capacity to have energy, it’s your capacity of financial matters. He debilitated America’s capacity on energy and who did that engage? That engages Iran, Venezuela, and Russia. That is the place where they get their riches. Then, at that point, the manner in which he removed us from Afghanistan, saying that he wouldn’t leave until each American was out, and after fourteen days, he left. That gave a misleading impression all over the planet. And afterward, when he gave Putin the pipeline and denied America the pipeline, they saw more shortcoming…


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